Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Week 1
The Name Game
In this group we will introduce ourselves and begin the process of building an environment of positive support. Children will learn each others names, establish rapport, and encourage positive feelings towards themselves and others.

Week 2
Here and Now Wheel Game
In this activity children will begin to access the variety of feelings they may be experiencing at any given moment. It will help broaden the perception of those feelings they may experience as well as teach empathy of others feelings. The more children are able to identify and express their feelings the more empowered they will feel.

Week 3
Class Applause
This group focuses on a positive learning environment. Children will learn to give and receive positive support from one another. The message children will receive is that one does not always have to “earn” support, but rather they deserve it for simply being.

Week 4
Treasure from the Past Sharing
In this group children can become more intimate and connected as they share important things from their past. This group builds trust and rapport between everyone in the classroom. This group also provides an experience in self-disclosure in a safe and supportive environment.

Week 5
The Magic Box
This is a surprise group that will increase the self-esteem of every child as they learn that they are special and unique with their own gifts and talents to contribute. Every child has strengths and when we focus on these they increase.

Week 6
Who’s In the Bag?
This is a fun group that gives children a chance to get to know each other and express their personal characteristics through sharing items from home. It creates a positive atmosphere for self-disclosure and promotes cooperation.

Week 7
Warm Fuzzies
You may remember the story of “Warm Fuzzies” from your younger days. Warm Fuzzies is another name for positive statements and events that help us to feel good about ourselves. This group encourages children to interact in a positive manner, encourages them to share openly in class settings, and creates an awareness of how the things students say affects others.

Week 8
I’m Enough Milling/I Want You to Like Me Just the Way I Am
These two exercises although fun and short are very powerful self-esteem builders. The exercises give children the opportunity to affirm themselves and each other in a fun and safe environment.

Week 9
The title says it all! In this group children learn this simple and powerful statement that holds the possibility of achieving any desired goal. The “I CAN” card itself is an affirmation of this basic ability that if one thinks one can then he/she is probably right!

Week 10
Trust Walk
This group encourages trust, safety, and rapport between students. It heightens tactile and body awareness and is a lot of fun for the children to become more aware of their surroundings through hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

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